Outdoor Lighting of Municipalities


Original, patented system of Czech company RT com, Ltd. (www.ledeos.eu), which meets all required quality standard including coverage of IP 65, certificated for the whole EU. System is different to the competition with own lamp design and the best price to quality ratio. 

  • Standard lamps for roads, streets, pavements and crosswalks
  • Decorative and historical lamps for parks, plazas and pedestrian zones
  • Floodlights and spotlights for significant buildings, churches and monuments
  • Complex remote control

 Fundamental Parameters

LED Advantages Comparing to Standard Lighting

  • Low consumption (30% in the same luminous flux)
  • Long lifetime (minimum 50 000 hours comparing to maximum 15 000 hours)
  • Regulation of illumination intensity (lower during night than in evening)
  • Precise defined radiation pattern (light beam only where it is required)
  • Minimum services costs
  • Zero light smog (meets all ecological requirements)

Finance and Costs Comparison

In case of change of existing classical vapor lighting for LEDEOS system we are able to mediate finance through leasing or credit. Financial payments are fully compensated with savings in operating costs.

In case of new lighting all long-term costs (investment plus operating) for LEDEOS system are less than 60% of costs for classical vapor lighting.


Types of Lights

Standard Lights Type Range EV 23xx

Decorative and Historical Lights


Floodlights and Spotlights