LED Lighting

Outdoor Lighting of Municipalities

Original, patented system of Czech company JD ROZHLASY, Ltd. (www.ledeos.cz), which meets all required quality standard including coverage of IP 65, certificated for the whole EU. System is different to the competition with own lamp design and the best price to quality ratio.  

- Standard lamps for roads, streets, pavements and crosswalks
- Decorative and historical lamps for parks, plazas and pedestrian zones
- Floodlights and spotlights for significant buildings, churches and monuments
- Complex remote control


Indoor Lighting of Common Areas

LEDEOS® – P is original system of Czech company JD ROZHLASY, Ltd. (www.ledeos.cz). The system is designated for economic, reliable and effective lighting of common areas in apartment and office buildings. It enables installation to all types of buildings without need of new cable installation. LED light sources are possible to install to bulk of existing types of lighting devices.
The system fulfills all requirements for emergency lighting. Due to extremely low consumptions it may serve as fully fledged reserve lighting during couple of hours.
LEDEOS® – P consists of switch board, light sources, control unit and accessories. The switch board contains power supply, control elements, energy source for LED lighting and auxiliary circuits.

Advantages of LEDEOS®- P

- Very low energy consumption
- Lifetime more than 30 years
- Minimum service costs
- Possible emergency lighting
- Possible  power supply from photovoltaic cells
- Different operating modes
- Prompt start-up of lighting
- Soft start and run down
- Large-scale variability of the system
- Low investment costs
- Simple installation
- 5 years warranty for components
- Wiring without electrolytic capacitors