City ONLINE, Ltd. is private technology company with main focus on innovative solutions for telecommunications and energy.

In telecommunications we focus on flexible little serial and unit production of less traditional hardware and customized solutions that do not have large producers in their portfolios. Our specialty are manageable routers based on Mikrotik platform designed for professional midsize network solutions, corporate solutions, backup data links, etc.  We also offer complex telecommunication solutions based on data transmission over unconventional media such power line (energy) networks (230 V, 22 kV), coaxial cables, and networks of municipal broadcasts or public lighting. City ONLINE also co-operates at the development of mobile payment systems for company Logomotion, Ltd.    

We concentrate on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in energy sector. In co-operation with Slovak Technical University in Bratislava we work on development of equipment for mechanical storage of electricity. We co-operate with Czech company RT com, Ltd. in development and distribution of original, ecologic and energy saving LED lighting for municipalities as well as for lighting of interiors. We use our experiences also in energy advisory and audits for industrial enterprises. City ONLINE is certificated company registered in the official list of energy auditors.

City ONLINE team has background from Slovak Technical University in Bratislava. We work in high-tech area since 1995. Beside core activities we have rich experience in financing of commercial research and development, mainly through international venture capital funds.