Internet via Unconventional Mediaonal media


For data transmission we use so-called Power Line Communication (PLC) technology. This technology was originally designed for data transmission over power line (energy) network (230 V, 22 kV). If we use another transmission media like coaxial cables in our solution, we use hardware modificated PLC equipments, called PLC cable.

In our solution we use telecommunication equipments only from reputable vendors (Corinex, Teleste). Necessary hardware modification and some passive elements (filters, data injection points, bypasses of impassable points of network) are our know-how.

We offer complex solutions, consisting of network design, supply of hardware and software supply, implementation and technical support. Our customers are internet, cable TV and telecommunication providers, municipalities, etc. If customer, for example a municipality, is interested not only for technical solution, but for network operation as well, we are ready to provide co-operation with regional or nationwide telecommunication companies.