Internet over Unconventional Media - Technology


For data transmission we use so-called Power Line Communication (PLC) technology. This technology was originally designed for data transmission over power line (energy) network (230 V, 22 kV). If we use another transmission media like coaxial cables in our solution, we use hardware modificated PLC equipments, called PLC cable.

In our solution we use telecommunication equipments only from reputable vendors (Corinex, Teleste). Necessary hardware modification and some passive elements (filters, data injection points, bypasses of impassable points of network) are our know-how.

We offer complex solutions, consisting of network design, supply of hardware and software supply, implementation and technical support. Our customers are internet, cable TV and telecommunication providers, municipalities, etc. If customer, for example a municipality, is interested not only for technical solution, but for network operation as well, we are ready to provide co-operation with regional or nationwide telecommunication companies.

 Internetization of Smaller Cable Networks and Shared TV Antennas

DOCSIS technology is regularly used for internetization of large and high-quality cable TV networks. But for older and smaller cable and shared TV antennas networks, predominately networks which were designed without plan of data services, the most and often the only suitable solution is PLC technology. This is financial effective and technical reliable solution with very good operation parameters.  

 Technical Solution

Technical solution is based on connection of PLC Cable equipments to existing coaxial network. The equipments are:

  • PLC Head End - located regularly in CATV Head End
  • PLC Repeaters – located on longer coaxial lines

User PLC Cable modems – within TV socket and reader

There are no need for any changes or rebuilding of existing network in the process of installation. Duplex passable band in the range from 5 to 34 MHz or its part is the only technical requirement. PLC technology communicates in this band in duplex mode. Cable television should have passive passable return path to implement this technology. Most of amplifiers enable to have passable return path by simple insertion of passive tap (bridge). In case that there are the eldest types of amplifiers in cable network, which are not passable in the band of return path, we could solve it with bypasses. Data transmission is only over PLC equipments. Standard TV amplifiers have no technical impact with this process.