Energy Storage

Electricity is the most effective way of energy. It has widespread use with simple transformation to other forms of energy. Its main disadvantage is problematic storage. It is necessary to consume all produced electricity practically immediately. This restriction brings limits in long-distance transmission system as well as in use of renewable energy sources, which depends on atmospheric conditions (photovoltaic and wind power stations).  

Batteries based predominantly on electrochemical reactions (e.g. lithium – ion battery) are used for temporary storage of electricity. At present mechanical energy accumulation is one of perspective alternative. In co-operation with Slovak Technical University in Bratislava we are developing energy accumulator using rotational kinetic energy. This is known physical principle. Ability to develop accumulator, which will be economic effective, is the principal advantage of our solution. We suppose to use it for industrial electricity consumer with objection to improve consumption diagram or for renewable energy producer (sun, wind).