Development and manufacturing of specialized hardware

City ONLINE is equipped with highly performing staff, laboratories and necessary instrumentation for development and manufacturing of the specialized hardware. We are primarily oriented on flexible little serial and unit production of less traditional hardware and customized solutions that do not have large producers in their portfolios.

 Manageable routers based on Mikrotik platform

  • Router COL G 231 :                    Ethernet - LTE                  
  • Router COL G 230:                     Ethernet - 3G
  • Router COL G 340:                      Ethernet - 2 x 3G/LTE

These are manageable routers based on Mikrotik platform supplemented by own City ONLINE components. They are designed for professional midsize network solutions, corporate solutions, backup data links etc. 

 Basic characteristics:

  • Operation system Router OS Mikrotik, CISCO compatible
  • Functions and services classified according to RFC specifications


  • 1x to 3x Ethernet
  • 1x to 2x 3G or LTE

Internal card of City ONLINE with own processor and miniPCI interface allows simultaneous or alternative use of two GSM and LTE channels, or their combination and good adaptation to network conditions of the customer.

 Monitoring and Automation

The device enables monitoring and automatic (dynamic) switching of GSM/LTE channels as well as monitoring and automatic switching between 24V power supply adapter and power over Ethernet (PoE). Router is monitorable and manageable remotely via services such as SSH, telnet, https, api, web, etc.

 Additional technical specifications

The device disposes with standard network services:

  • Routing  protocols BGP, OSPF, BDT
  • Virtual interface (ppp, L2TP, PPTP, virtual Ethernets, VLANs, GRE, IPSec...)
  • IP v.6 full compatible

 Power supply and mechanics:

  • Power supply: 230V/24V, 1A adapter or PoE supply
  • Boxes: anodized aluminum, custom made

 Delivery options, flexibility

Available in stock. Devices can be modified according to customer requirements including box solution and mechanics.


  • GSM aerials according to customer’s needs (generally 9 or 11 dB)
  • Power supply adapter 230V / 24V, 1A