Development and Manufacturing of Specialized Hardware

Flexible little serial and unit production of less traditional hardware and customized solutions that do not have large producers in their portfolios. Our specialty are manageable routers based on Mikrotik platform designed for professional midsize network solutions, corporate solutions, backup data links, etc..


Internet over Unconventional Media

Power Line Communication (PLC) technology enables data transmission over power line (energy) networks (230 V, 22 kV), coaxial cables, and cables of municipal broadcasts with speed up to 80 Mbps.

Complex offer of telecommunication networks. Sales of components.


Energy Audit and Advisory

Certificated auditor registered in the official list of energy auditors. Complex energy efficiency review of enterprises in industry and services. Comprehensive proposals to reduce energy consumption. We notice for legal obligation for all large enterprises (more than 250 employees or annual turnover of more than 50 mil. EUR, respectively annual balance sheet over 43 mil. EUR) to elaborate energy audit every 4 years. For the first time, this obligation came into being on 05/12/2015.